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The Colossus

Our new game The Colossus, the great expansion to Rhodes, is still under construction, but we have the rules for you here. The release of this strategic and exciting expansion just missed Essen, but you can order it by sending us an e-mail. We expect the game ready for shipment on November 15. To get a good idea of the game, check out the rules

More info on the Colossus page

Story Makers - over 100 million stories

Create your own story secretly and the other players guess how your story goes. Will it be a happy end or not? The Storymaker gives a special hint to help the other players. Will they guess the story in time? This game can be played both cooperatively or with teams in the "party" version for up to 10 players! Great for fantasy, communication, cooperation, deduction, etc...
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To be continued... currently, only a Dutch and Spanish version is available, we hope to find suitable partners for a localized version in other countries soon.

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Rhodes - set sail to greatness

292 BC. This light expert game for 2-5 players has the best of two worlds: great interaction, little luck and interesting strategic choices. The unique market system with incoming ships will amaze you and create opportunities for smart traders...

As a Greek farmer you cultivate delicious fresh olives, grapes, grain and fresh goat milk. Soon you will find your way to the city and expand your farm, fleet and wealth in Rhodes.... - read more

Released at Essen 2016...

Stier zoekt Bier (Bull must have Beer!!)

The bulls are thirsty! As a pub owner you need to get the bulls inside your pub. This fun + tactical card game just makes you crazy and thirsty too! If you want to earn an honest buck, you must know the specific needs of the picky Bulls. Pietje Pils only drinks drafted beer and Bennie Blond (literally: I am not blond) just loves wheat bear. Bruno de Bruyne wants to get the brown stuff, but Ozzy only gets excited when he drinks the real stuff: Oerbeer...

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COUNTDOWN Special Ops - innovation in games

This revolutionary "offline" boardgame could become the new standard in gaming. COUNTDOWN Sepcial Ops creates endless variation in missions. With 220 playing cards and randomizing effects of locations and levels each missions is unique. Choose your game mode, game level, game length and enjoy this unique game experience with 1-6 player. Don't waste another second! Get into the briefing, select your Special Op character and start up your first mission.

COUNTDOWN Special Ops RULES are online. Please check your local dealer for the availability of this game in a store near you.

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Smart & Fun-line - The new Plug & Play games

The Smart & Fun-line from the Dutch game publisher The Game Master introduces two small games: Apenjungle (Dutch) and Match point.
These boardgames are designed to make you smarter and can be played even if you are short on time. You will recognize Smart & Fun games by the smart smiley logo. With Smart & Fun games, you will be playing within one minute. These games also contain several levels of challenge, a game will normally last up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Fortuna - the road to happiness

Fortuna is a light expert game, designed by Rieneck & Stadler (Cuba), in which the players have several interesting choices. The original action mechanism with only 12 cards gives the players an interesting set of dilemma's to choose from. The goal of the game Fortuna is to become happy. As a Roman farmer your goal may be to make wine and to mary. You decide how your own future will look lilke, because there are many ways to Rome in this exciting game.

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