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Publishing company
The Game Master BV
Burgemeester Vogelaarsingel 9
2912 BB Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
Telephone: 0031 639 75 305
E-mail: info@thegamemaster.nl

The Game Master is a developer and publisher of innovative board- and card games since 2004.
Our products are mainly targeted at the family plus market. Several of our board games are being distributed abroad in multi lingual versions.

Send an e-mail for more information
If you are interested in distributing or publishing one or more of our boardgames or cardgames in your market, please send an e-mail to The Game Master. We are always interested in partners for long-term cooperation.


The Game Master started with creating games back in 2004. Here are some highlights since than: Opera singers at the Novelty show (2009), designers and illustrators of Fortuna in our booth (2011) and playing Rhodes
in 2016.

In 2021 we have introduced the new game King of the Valley, which has been released in several localized versions in 2022. In 2023 the first expansion to this game will be released: The Festival.

Our mission
We create fun and compact family plus board games which take no more than an hour to play. This way we are able to connect many people of all experience levels and bring them back to the table.

The Game Master

Our newest game is called The Festival. Check it out at the fair in Essen, SPIEL'23.