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Adventure Land

Adventure Land

Lights, cameras, action!
2-5 adventurous tycoons take control of a small park and strive to build the most attractive movie park ever. Outbid each other to get the first choice in acquiring the most thrilling attractions, loyal staff members and decisive action cards. Secret assignments increase the high tension in this entertaining family game. Smart game mechanics as a jump start and a sudden death ending, attribute to an exciting adventur you have never experienced before.


Category of game:
- Family game
- Players: 2-5
- Duration: 60 minutes
- Age: 10 years and up
- Languages:
Dutch, English
- Strategic * * *
- Tactics * * * * *
- Luck * *

International release
Adventure Land will be released on September 29th, in Gorinchem in the shop De Boekenkist, in The Netherlands. Here, the two authors of the game, Arjo van Houwelingen and Sander Hogervorst will be celebrating their firstling with friends, famlily, journalists and reviewers. Internationally the release will be at Essen, during SPIEL'23.The game will be presented at the Novelty Show. The game will be available firstly at the booth of Dutch Publisher The Game Master, at the booth in hall 3, stand number Q-128. Please come and visit us to pick up the game. The first print run is in English and Dutch. The MSRP is 30 euros. At the introduction the game can be bought at a discount for only 20 euros. Untill the stock is depleted.

Interactive familly game with smart fun
The players will be bidding on the first choice in the auction. If you manage to get the best cards and force others to take cards they do not want or need, you gain and advantage. But how much megacoins are you willing to bid for this privilige. Adventure Land is a highly interactive family game with multiple dilemmas. We will introduce a few of the cards in the game below. You will also notice that there is a lot of fun in the game, with references to certain movies and characters of block busters and series in the eightees.

Short intro
The first card on your left is the Rock & Roll Ride. It is an attractioin in the music theme (see music note on the bottom). This attraction has a popularity of 7 likes (likes = victory points) and will generate income for your park if a value of "8" is rolled with the two dice. The megacoin is the means of payment in Adventure Land. If the value of "8" is rolled, this attraction delivers 7 megacoins (the number of likes can be found on the right). If a player succeeds in attaining a second attraction in the same theme, he will get the VIP card. The second card Daddy Love, is the VIP in the category SciFi. This card will bring him income of another player takes a card in that theme. It is possible to take away a VIP card from another player by having the most attrations in that theme. The value of a VIP card is 5 likes. During the game several actions can be executed, it is possible to employ staff members and there are (secret) assignments. Card number three, the Service King, will deliver likes if a specific condition has been met. Last but not least is the Award card. As soon as this card has been drawn, the game ends immediately, and all players will count up their number of likes with the notepad which has been added to the game box.

Smart mechanics
The jump start creates a really quick start up. The secret assignment cards make sure the winner of the game is unclear till the very end of the game. And last but not least, the end of the game is unpredictable so each game is exciting from the beginning till the end. The smart auction system decreases the level of luck, but still some things cannot be planned completely, although experienced players will learn to plan the use of certain cards, as staff members, exactly at the right moment. Timing is everything in this game.

Rules of the Game
Download here the english rules her. They should be online soon.

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Game Designer: Arjo van Houwelingen en Sander Hogervorst
Illustrations: Stefan Lohausen (cover) and Evi Nijs (inside)
Publisher: The Game Master BV