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Rhodes is a light-expert board game for:
2-5 players, 10+, 60-90 minutes

Game overview in 5 minutes: now on video

Set sail to greatness!

292 BC. The Colossus symbolizes the wealth of the Greek island Rhodes. Greek farmers have their ships filled with fresh goods from their land. It is uncertain what the earnings for olives, grapes, grain and goat milk will be this time. When Egyptian ships arrive in the Harbor, loaded with gold, the traders feel the urge to enter the market. Especially when the strong competition pushes the market prices down, creating great opportunities for all.

Experts and experienced players! Please check out our expert variants which provide more intense game play! The game takes about 15-30 minutes longer, but it allows more strategic variation for the experienced players.

- light expert
- 2-5 players
- 90 minutes
- 10 years and up
- Strategic * * *
- Tactical * * * * *
- Luck *

Rhodes has a great game flow
As a Greek farmer, you may build your own farm, grow goods, trade in the harbor and develop your farm further. One of the great aspects of this light-expert game is that the game is very accessible and fun to play. It is highly interactive, hardly any luck in the game, but much choices to make during each turn. Players enjoy the way the ships push each other forward in the harbor (see picture on the right), which results in lower market prices and interesting opportunities for smart traders. When will you seize the opportunity to profit from the low prices in the harbour?

More fun for experienced & expert players
One of the key fun elements of the board game Rhodes is the high accessibility, its fast pace and its strong appeal to a larger audience, including the family player. Some (expert) players just wanted more, therefore we have added three ways to lengthen the game and give more way to the several strategic options the game has to offer. Please check them out here: 3 expert variants. Of course, only if you want more:). But, even on that account The Game Master has good news: we are working on an expansion to the game, it is called The Colossus. Please stay posted on any new developments on this page.

The dynamic market system creates new opportunities as soon as a new ship arrives in the harbour since the prices will be adjusted. Most of this is controlled by players. Will you sell your goods for a fair price or not? Smart merchants profit from low prices, but paying your competitors for their goods will also create new opportunities for them. Is this just a game for merchants? Hell no! The boardgame Rhodes creates several interesting dilemma's in influencing the Gods for growth, choosing the starting player order, investing in development, growth or victory points. If you want to can even create a monopoly in olives, grain, grapes or milk.

The best of two worlds
Rhodes is a light expert boardgame. It has the foundation of an expert game: several strategic options, just a little bit of luck and quite some influence. On top of that it has high replayability due to the compact game play, the excitement of a family game, with fun interaction. The Rhodes boardgame has even some cooperative game elements! Pieter Boots has succeeded in creating a game in with several dilemmas and unique opportunities. You can play this game with up to 5 players and it is equally fun with 2 players. And all this in just 90 minutes of game play, regardless of the number of players, creates an opportunity to be played by many and many times.

Who will enjoy this game most?
Players who enjoy excitement in a game, but also want to have control. Like to play a strategic game, but also want to optimize their strategy due to tactical opportunities during the game. For smart kids of 10 years and up and for adults who just enjoy a game with high replayability and fun game mechanics.

We have experienced in test plays and events, that this game is enjoyed by men ánd women. By childeren of 10 years and up. And is enjoyed by those expert players / gamers who like planning, but who also appreciate variation and interaction.

Game designer: Pieter Boots
Illustrations: Julien Delval
Editor: Hans van Tol
Publisher: The Game Master BV

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