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Your quest begins here...

As a king, you will need to find a queen and subjects to join your kingdom. Fortunately the valley and the hills are teeming with potential subjects. Persuade them with your charismatic personality and lure them into your castle. Collect gold from the noblemen and the peasants to make your kingdom flourish. Take good notice of and anticpate to the ever-changing conditions in the valley and the hills. Make good use of the special abilities of characters as the jester, the wizard, the priest and the collector to outsmart them all...

Will you become the true King of the Valley?

- Tactical & strategic board game
- 2-4 players
- 40-60 minutes
- 10 years and up
- Strategic * * * (3)
- Tactical * * * * * (5)
- Rules

King of the Valley has been well-received, resulting in numerous positive reviews of the game and a listing in the top 10 of the Fair Play list at SPIEL'21. The game became #7 competing with about 1000 new games and several expert games in the top 10 of the list. Currently. After the release of a multi-lingual version including English, French, German and Dutch, a German, French and Polish version has been introduced in 2022.

First expansion

Good news for all King of the Valley fans! In 2023, during SPIEL'23 the very first copies of The Festival will be introduced to the internatioinal consumer markets. Be sure to pick up a copy of your own, since we have a limited number of games. This the first release, no other languages are planned at this point. This great expansion will be introduced for only 20 euros. A bargain for all kings who are looking to extend their succes by utlizing the new opportunties in the valley that will reveal themselves to them. Read more here: The Festival.

Booth number at SPIEL'23: 3Q-128. See you at Essen!!!

The Festival box

It is not easy to be a king, but someone has to do it. The valley is teeming with subjects that are in search of a charismatic leader. Your goal is to venture into the valley and summon these subjects to your cause…queens, knights, peasants, everyone has a role to play in your magnificent plan. Subjects from over the hills have heard about your skills, intellect and good looks. Allured by your leadership they travel towards the valley. But beware, your rivals also want to increase the influence of their kingdom. Use gold with caution to recruit subjects from the hills at the risk of having an empty treasury. Use the magic of the wizard, the inspiration of the priest and the influence of the tax collector wisely. All acquired subjects will be brought into your castle which will add to your reputation to become the one true king…

King-of-the-Valley-Queen King-of-the-Valley-Priest King-of-the-Valley-Jester King-of-the-Valley-Farmer King-of-the-Valley-Wizard

Who will enjoy this game?
King of the Vally is a game which is fun for all players aged 10 years and up. It is a strategic and tactical board game. Since this game takes only about 45 minutes there is always time for a new challenge. Most players and reviewers score the game with an average rating of 7.5 to 8.0. We have experienced that players from all ages, young or old, man or women, casual player or strategic player, just enjoy this game over and over again.
Download the product-sheet for more printed information about the game.

First international edition with 3D hill
The very first edition is a multi-lingual version with rules in English, German, Dutch and French rules inside the box. The 3D hill can be instructed in a flexible way, so the steepness of the hill - and the distribution of new characters from the hill - can be adjusted to your preference. See picture of the hill on the right. The hill is helpfull to replenish the open positions at the top of the hill with new tiles which move down the hill more easily.

New editions and expansions? (updated)
Localized versions of the game have been introduced in Poland, Germany and France. The first expansion to the game is called The Festival. It creates more options, with more tiles and +15 minutes extra, which will have more options especially fun for 3 and 4 players. Some might have concluded that the game is too short for 4 players. We know King of the Valley is strategic for 2 players, but now it also creates enough "flesh and bones" to a game for 3 or 4 players.

Where to find this game?
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More info on distributers outside the Benelux can be found on Boardgamegeek

Game designer: Hans van Tol
Game development: Mark Hoogerwaard
Illustrations: David Cochard
Publisher: The Game Master BV, 2021, all rights reserved.

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