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The Festival

The story continues...

After the success of your first quest, you seek more satisfaction. Organize a feast for all and see if you can gain more fortune and exceed your reputation to the max!

In The Festival, the first expansion to King of the Valley, the first you will notice (if you have a sharp eye) are the commoners wandering around in the valley. They want to be entertained and you know exactly how this will help you to reach your goals. Lead them to the numerous medieval festivities in the Festival terrain and enjoy the merits it will bring you.

We introduce new locations, additional tasks for the specialists, new characters in the valley and a true worker-placement mechanism. You will soon find out that this expansion will bring more fun and more dilemmas than ever. Especially with 3/4 players the game play will be enjoyable.

- Tactical & strategic board game
- 2-4 players
- 45-60 minutes
- 10 years and up
- Strategic * * * * (4)
- Tactical * * * * * + (5+)
- MSRP 20 euros
- Rules

Release at Essen
In 2023, during SPIEL'23 the very fest copies of The Festival will be introduced to the internatioinal consumer markets. Be sure to pick up a copy, since we have a limited number of games and this great expansion will be introduced for only 20 euros. A bargain for all kings who are looking to extend their succes by utlizing the new opportunties in the valley that will reveal themselves to them. No releases in other languages are planned at this moment. This first release is English and Dutch. Soon after the introcution a German and French translation will be available.

Go to our booth in hall 3 Q-128 to get your copy!

Festival box

Introducing the Commoner
The commoners are wandering through the valley. 18 commoners in total, spread over the course of the game (phase I, II and III). These guys are very nice to have, so all kings will not only look at the subjects, but they will also seek the opportunity to get a few commoners for free while they move around the valley. If you move over a commoner, you may may pick it up. Also if you end on one, you get them for free. You will need to use them directly in your turn to increase your wealth with gold (bring them to the Bierstube), increase your reputation (at the Theatre), influence the outcome of the tournament (Jousting Field), or other fun locations (5 in total). Interesting dilemmas will arise, even during the game you will need to do some risk assesment and calculations what is in your best interests..

New specialists in the game
We will introduce new specialists as the Mystery Knight who is claimed to be a soul which is wandering around aimlessly in the valley. Use its ambivilance to create bigger sets of knights of the same knight order. The Alchemist gives you the opportunity to move faster through the valley at a point in the game that it will bring you the most. Luckally the old specialists will increase their job responsibilities. Also in medieval times, it was hard to get employees. During the festival everybody needs to make overtime. As a result, the Priest first leads the way for the kings but after this grand duty, he will brew and poor some beer at the Bierstube, increasing the revenues at this location. The Tax Colllectors will gather at the Treasury Room after their hard days work to show off and triggering a "majority game". Last but not least, the Wizards will be doing their thing at the grand Theatre to make it a truly magnificent show.

Where to find this game?
Ready for your first challenge? Find the game in the shop nearby! Or go to SPIEL'23, check out our booth 3Q-128.
More info on distributers outside the Benelux can be found on Boardgamegeek

Game designer: Hans van Tol
Game development: Mark Hoogerwaard
Illustrations: David Cochard
Publisher: The Game Master BV, 2023, all rights reserved.

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