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Countdown Special Ops

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Countdown Special Ops

Game category
1-6 players
30 minutes per mission
12 years and up
Prize contest page

Strategic * * * *
Tactical * * * * *
Luck factor **
Special features:
100% modular game set up
cooperative game
real time mode
traitor mode
campaign mode
scenario settings
multiple levels


This prize contest gives all game lovers - online or offline - to get a free copy of the brand new boardgame Countdown Special Ops. This game in which 1-6 players cope with heavy terrorist threat, has over 200 playing cards, creating the unique option to play thousands of different missions. The modular game set up also gives players the chance to play specific scenario's or to set up your own campaign.You will get one for free plus a special promo item: a buster t-shirt!


There are 7 special ops. One of the coolest Special Ops is Bob "Hellfire" Jones. His alias "The Buster" refers to his rather rough way of dealing with "problems" in a mission. Bob is great with hand grenades. He likes to clear an adjacent area, just next to the group of ops, to make sure that all threats are taken out. He sometimes causes some "colateral damage", since there are also civilians and hostages in the field. If you win this contest, you are entitled to wear this great Buster shirt.

Here are the answers to the 4 questions:

1. What is the maximum number of Special Ops that can be taken on a mission?
A. 5
B. 6 this is the right number, since you cannot play with more than 6 players
C. 7

2. Which special op has the ability to move fast through areas, without being seen?
A. Rita "Heartbeat" Garcia
B. Gustav "The Butcher" Schneider
C. Vince "Speedy" Armtrong - only Vince can move faster without being seen as the only scout

3. Countdown Special Ops has a special mode in which the players have to play under high time pressure. What is this mode called?
A. Traitor mode
B. Real-time mode: this is the standard mode in which COUNTDOWN Special Ops is played!
C. Campaign mode

4. Of which level is the mission location "Cruise Ship"?
A. Level 1: this is one of the "easier" mission locations
B. Level 2
C. Level 3

5. Please finish the following sentence:
" I am looking forward to play my first mission of Countdown Special Ops because ...."

We love the answers which are good for our convidence and to provide us with the right motivation for continuing the development of this kind of modular games. Countdown took us over 3,5 years to create and we are very proud on the result. We hope many of you will enjoy the game as much as all the testers did.

Experiencing Countdown Special Ops will be a blast. Are your ready for it?
Tell us about it!

We have drawn 5 winners from the many good answers. About 50% of all contesters have succeeded in giving the right answers. Congratulations for that! But of course you are very interested to hear the names of the winners. The following winners may contact us: Ulrike Meyer from Germany, Matias Korman from Germany, Nick de Busk from the USA, Adam Douglas from Australia and Jurn de Ruijter from Holland. We want to thank all who joined with this prize contest and want to thank everybody for their great and enthousiastic feedback. This makes it clear that there is a strong need for a new modular game which can bring online gamers at the table again in an exciting and thrilling new game mode. We hope to reach our mission to get people back to the playing table and join their friends and relatives for a game of Countdown Special Ops. We would like to note that you can of course order the game at your local shop or PRE-ORDER Countdown Special Ops now. We would like to end this competition with some very nice quotes from our fans who understand why we created Countdown - even though it took us 3,5 years to develop this game:

"It is the nearest I will ever get to being a hero" (Chris Geggus)

"This game will bring my sons back from the computer to the table" (Peter de Ruijter)

"It's about time somebody made a special forces style co-op game! Love the mechanics!
Bring it on, can't wait!"
(Manuel Gracia)

"Special Ops missions rock, why should I play a fireman or a disease-fighting specialist
when you can play THIS!
(Jurn de Ruijter)

and some more impatient fans:

"My countdown for this game runs for more than a year now!"

When and where can I get it?
Countdown special ops will be released in october 2013. The advised retail price in Europe will be a very competitive price of only EUR 29,95. It should be available in these shops, but make sure to give them a call or send them an e-mail before the release date. Check your local shop for more information about this great new title and make sure to reserve your own copy in time! The first release could become sold out quite fast. Don't say we didn't warn you! If you are also convinced that this game is a sure buy, just post it on BGG and send us an e-mail with your name, the city you live in and your country. We will make sure that your request will be transferred to our potential partners in your country. The more requests we get, the better the chances that you will be able to buy the game for you and your friends in the shop around the corner!! Also smart if you want to enjoy the sequel and expansions of the game. Read more in the more to come section.

Keep a sharp eye at the page of Countdown Special Ops on Boardgamegeek too for details on new expansions, editions and when and where the game will be demonstrated. Or check our calender. We will be demonstrating the game with a real time video demo at Essen in hall 3, stand number E-100.