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Countdown Special Ops

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Countdown Special Ops

Game category
1-6 players
30 minutes per mission
12 years and up
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special ops

Strategic * * * *
Tactical * * * * *
Luck factor **
Special features:
100% modular game set up
cooperative game
real time mode
traitor mode
campaign & scenario mode
scenario settings
rules downloadpage


In the basic game of Countdown Special Ops the players may choose from 7 special ops, each with their own special abilities and skill track. The development paths of the special ops are different, depending on the learning curve of each op and their top skill. Some are strong in close combat, other ops have more supportive roles and enter an area behind their team mates.

Choose your ops for the mission
Each player chooses a special op. The choice of the ops for the mission depends on the type of mission. For a bomb mission, it is quite obvious that the bomb expert must be part of the team for the mission. On the other hand, in the game some threat cards are booby traps which may only be dismantled by a bomb expert or a buster (by throwing a hand grenade). Choosing the ops is an essential part of the preparation of a single mission, a campaign or scenario.

Choose your special op, click on the picture and learn more about him or her:

The next mission depends on you!
Players have their own preferences and may choose their ops accordingly. But since Countdown Special Ops is a cooperative boardgame, it is smart to coordinate the choice of the special ops, unless you do not mind to be unsuccesfull in your next mission...

More players, more fun, but not easier
Countdown Special Ops has been designed to keep the difficulty level the same, regardless of the number of players. If the game is played with 6 players, the number of Ops in a mission is also 6. The available number of rounds (time) is less when you play with 5 or 6 players, resulting in higher tension and a higher difficulty level. On the assignment cards the available time depending on the number of player is indicated by the numbers in the green (1-4 players), orange (5 players) and red (6 players). Check for more details the game set up page.

Experiencing Countdown Special Ops will be a blast. Are your ready for it?

When and where can I get it?
Countdown special ops will be released in october 2013. The retail price in Europe will be a very competitive price of only EUR 29,95. It should be available in these shops, but make sure to give them a call or send them an e-mail before the release date. Check your local shop for more information. Make sure to reserve your own copy in time!


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