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Countdown Special Ops

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Countdown Special Ops

Game category
1-6 players
30 minutes per mission
12 years and up
Supportive links
special ops

Strategic * * * *
Tactical * * * * *
Luck factor **
Special features:
100% modular game set up
cooperative game
real time mode
traitor mode
campaign mode
scenario settings
multiple levels


Yes, you have found the COUNTDOWN Special Ops pre-order page. On this page you can find the instructions for pre-ordering your own copy of Countdown Special Ops. And if you are someone with enough courage to order your copy now to get into your next mission asap, you have a good chance to get a Countdown t-shirt with the game! If you pre-order your copy of COUNTDOWN Special Ops now, you get a special ops t-shirt. We have 100 shirts waiting for the first 100 buyers!!! Send us an e-mail to order your game and pay the amount below within 3 days to confirm your order. The sooner the better!

COUNTDOWN Special Ops retailprice is EUR 29,95 in the Benelux. We are producing a limited first edition of the game. Make sure you order your copy now.

If you are going to SPIEL'13 transfer EUR 29,95 to our Pay Pal account info@thegamemaster.nl and pick up the game at our booth in hall 3, booth number E100. Or by bank transfer to The Game Master BV in The Netherlands, IBAN NL34RABO 0343049546. Please add your name and "Spiel pick up" to the description. Also state your size preference: you can choose between S, M, L, XL and XXL PLUS if you want to have the Buster, Shooter or Sniper shirt.

Do you want the game to be sent to your home, please pay the indicated amount, shipment included:
- The Netherlands - EUR 36,95
- Europe - EUR 42,50
- Outside Europe (USA, Russia, etc..) - EUR 49,95

This price includes the transport costs and if you are quick, you could get one of the t-shirts for free.
Add your name an address to the payment. Payment can be done by Pay Pal or bank transfer.

The time slot to pre-order COUNTDOWN Special Ops is not as tight as the time you have for completing one mission (30 minutes), but it is tight: you can only pre-order from till October 20, 2013, 12:00 hours.
If you place your pre-order outside this time frame, your pre-order is not valid.

When and where can I get this game?
Countdown special ops will be released in october 2013. It will be presented for the first time at SPIEL'13 in Essen, Germany. The retail price in Europe will be a very competitive price of only EUR 29,95. It should be available in these shops, but make sure to give them a call or send them an e-mail before the release date. Check your local shop for more information. Make sure to reserve your own copy in time!

Bonus t-shirts
We will be printing some extra shirts which can be bought for EUR 10 at our booth in Essen (hall 3-E100). If you pre-order COUNTDOWN Special Ops, you get the shirt for free.


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