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Section X

The most notorious prisoners are kept isolated from the outside world on a heavily guarded island in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of the United States. Those sentenced to life are kept in the most secure part of the prison: Section X. It is extremely difficult to escape from that part of the prison, but the prisoners have a plan. Will they succeed or are the strict guards too clever for them?

Category of game:
- Tactic game
- Players: 2-4
- Duration: 60 minutes
- Age: 10 and up
- Strategic * * *
- Tactics * * * *
- Luck * *

A boardgame for everyone
In the game you are one of the five Grandmasters, leading an order of knighthood, and you help to build up a Medieval Town to become a Citadel with beautiful houses and buildings. You can influence your own progress in the game, of course. A special feature in this game is the Influence Card, which gives you the chance to counter your opponents. You can take new territories, take over territories of other Grandmasters or create disorder in the citadel by burning down an important building on the board.

Strategic escaping game
SECTION X is a game in which clever escapers dig tunnels themselves but also make use of tunnels belonging to other players and cut each other off. Special hiding places ensure that the prisoners are safe when the ruthless prison guards make their rounds. A rumour has spread that an escape is imminent, so it becomes more and more difficult to remain out of the hands of the guards. Doors lock the entrances to the different escape tunnels. Are you able to control the underground network of tunnels and lead the prisoners from your cell block to freedom first? But watch out! The prisoners risk their lives if the escape is discovered!

Variation of the game for advanced players
Section X is even better if a number of changes are made to the rules that increase the tactical factors and the level of difficulty and make the game last somewhat longer:

  • The aim of the game is to get seven, instead of five, prisoners to freedom;
  • Instead of three face-down piles three open piles are made, with the player always being able to choose in phase 1 from which pile of tiles he wishes to take a tile;
  • Phases two and three can be changed around in each turn. This makes it possible, for example, to first move a number of prisoners, then to exchange or move a tile and then to move a number of prisoners again. Naturally, the rule that only one exchange, placing, moving or turning of tiles still applies to the tiles and a maximum of five steps is allowed for the prisoners with a maximum of two steps per prisoner.
Rules of the Game
Download here the english rules and the german rules, the French rules and the Italian rules of Section X.

Here you can read the Section X review with rules in Portuguese.

You can find a complete overview of dealers here.

Game author: Chislaine van den Bulk
Graphics: Yvon-Cheryl Scholten
Illustrations cover: Bernhard Kilchmann