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Bull wants Beer (Stier zoekt Bier)

In this funny and tactical card game the Bulls are all dried out. As a bar keeper you seek to make your pub the most popular in town. You and the other bar keepers will do anything to get their place stacked with Bulls and to serve them their favorite beer. But the bulls are very picky! So it is important that you have the right beer in stock. And this is one the smart dilemma's which makes this game fun and makes you thirsty like hell!

- Cardgame
- 3-5 players
- duration: 45 minutes
- 8 years and up
- price retail EUR 9,95
- 110 playing cards
- Humor * * * *
- Tactic * * * *
- Luck * *

This tactical and humoristic card game comes with a nice box and contains a double pack of 110 playing cards. The game is fun, but also challenging due to the multiple dilemma's in the game. Especially the Grand Café variant makes the players have to think well what kind of beer they buy. Well-suited for young and old, beer lovers, abstainers and game lovers. Enjoy the game! - The Game Master

Stier zoekt Bier is Smart, Fun & Tasty
Stier zoekt Bier is easy to set up, has simple rules and can be played within 30 minutes by the experienced player. The flavour of the game is neat, due to the multiple dilemmas and interaction: which of the tasty beers should I buy? Do I want to be the most popular bar keeper or do I want to keep an eye on my strategic perspective and just save some beer in my cellar? Do I choose the beer I need or want myself or do I check out the needs of my neighbour who gets the cards I leave in the deck? Which bull do I choose? And where do I serve the beer, to gain the most victory points? Do I double up with two Bulls? And how do I prevent the alcohol abuse by flusing it down the drain?

The stars of the game are four bulls
Pietje Pils, Bennie Blond, Bruno de Bruyne en Ozzy Oerstier are looking for their favorite beer. They are thirsty, but still... they are selective in their choice of beer. Pietje only drinks draft beer. Bennie only wants to have wheat beer. Bruno loves to get some brownies and Ozzy only drinks the heavy stuff: Oerbier!

The hidden beer cellar
A vital decision is what kind of beer you buy and stock in your beer cellar. The other players do not know what beer you are piling up to make the final strike in the game. Do the competitors have Oerbier stacked in their cellar or a lot of draft beer? By tapping the most beer, you attract new bulls. But only if you succeed to give your bulls the right beer, you are able to score the victory points to become the Master of Beer...

Dowload the Dutch game rules of Stier zoekt Bier

More fun with cows and bulls!
Stier zoekt Bier has been inspired by the success of Koe zoekt Boer (Happy Cows) and the other titles in the series of cow games. Over 60.000 copies sold!

Game author: Hans van Tol
Illustrations: Wesly Gibs
Graphics: Brenda Smeele

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