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Block It!

In a few seconds you can start playing the Block It! game. But watch it! If you only work on your own squares and blocks, you might be surprised by actions of other players who will profit from this narrow view. Make sure you place your blocks first and try to block the progress of the other players and you can win the game!

Category of game:
Tactical game
Players: 1-4
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Age: 6 and up
Strategisch *
Tactisch * * * *
Geluk * * *

Learning by doing
You can learn the tactical elements of the Block It! game by doing it. Because a game takes only about a quarter of an hour, you can easily try again. Everybody has a good chance of winning the game, also because the board is set up differently every time you start. Block It! is being played at home, at schools and also at great events. There is even a Giant Block It! game available for special events. Increase your spatial view by playing this smart and quick game with an educational edge. The perfect game for all ages, at home and on vacation.

Overview of the game
The aim of Block It! is to form squares in your own colour and place your blocks on the intersection of four cards. You can turn the cards left or right, or you can switch two cards on the board. But beware of the Anti-Block! When one of your opponents throws the Anti-Block, he or she can remove one of your blocks. So, there is a special dice included in this tactical boardgame, which forces you to make optimal decisions to win the game.

Game rules
Block It! has been released in four languages.The game include Dutch, English, German and French game rules.

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Game Designer: Hans van Tol
Graphics: Yvon-Cheryl Scholten