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Trendy Cows

Trendy Cows!

Trendy Cows is the international name of the original Dutch cardgame Gooische Koeien. This a humourous cardgame about gold diggers trying to seduce a rich bull to buy expensive stuff for them! Trendy cows is a game in a series of cow games which form a satire on TV reality programs of which Happy Cows was the first (a satire on dating programs).


Category of game:
- A Humourous Card Game
- Players: 2-5
- Duration: 15-20 minutes
- Age: 13 and up
- Strategic *
- Tactics * * *
- Luck * * *

Humourous cow game

The cows have erected a beautiful and expensive villa. Now all they need is a rich bull who buys very expensive design stuff for them. A ring with a gigantic diamond, a design bag, fashonable high heels, a trendy udder mobile phone and a real bling bling pair of sun glaces are there for the take. Besides the wealthy bulls, the toy bull can also be seen (and used) as an asset. But be ware for the FAKE card, because you do not want to be spotted with fake stuff!

Trendy Cows is a sequel to Happy Cows , and can be played seperately. Trendy Cows does include a special bonus card: the Disco Cow!

Another Cow game in the series is the card game Handy Cows !

Introduction video
Please check out a short introduction to the game of Trendy Cows! This video is in Dutch!

Game design: Hans van Tol
Illustrator: Wesly Gibs
Graphic design: Arenea Kunkeler
© 2008-2010 All rights reserved by The Game Master BV, The Netherlands

Sales and distribution
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