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The Expansion to The Citadel (Dutch Game Award 2005)

Treason is the first expansion to the prize winning board game The Citadel. This expansion creates new opportunities for the players to be victorious in the game. Now players can support the Dark Master, in their strive for the ultimate power in the Citadel. Furthermore Treason provides more strategic options and minimizes the effect of luck in the game. The players influence the income, the taxes and the building plans they receive. If you want to win, but want to win in a good way, without supporting the Dark Master, this is also possible.

Category of game:
Strategic familygame
Players: 2-5
Duration: 90 minutes
Age: 12 and up
Strategic * * * * *
Tactics * * * *
Luck *

The Dark Master arises
In the Citadel, the players are Land Lords, who want to expand their territory, build impressive buildings in the Medieval Citadel. When Treason comes, it is also possible that you take over areas and buildings with the Dark Master. Of course this is only possible if one of the Lords allows the Dark Master to come into the town. Eventually, in their strive for power, this occurs.. since the Dark Master might help them - by giving up their soul - to become the most powerful, even without an army of humans.

The story of the Citadel continues...
Since the establishment of the Citadel, the forces of good and evil have held one another in balance. But the turbulent growth of the flourishing city is also attracting shady figures. People are talking about the arrival of a Dark Master. The more the dark forces increase, the more attractive it is to defect to the dark side. Which Grand Masters will help the Dark Master in his quest for an overpowering influence in the city and which right-minded Grand Masters will work together to push back his influence?

Showdown in final battle
In Treason the battle for power is unleashed. This results in an unavoidable confrontation between good and evil in an exhilarating showdown. Make your choice quickly, because if the Dark Master wins and his identity is revealed, it will be too late to choose!

In this strategic expansion to The Citadel, anything can happen. Be prepared...

Rules of the Game
The Rules of the Game are included the rules of the strategic version of the Indomitable Citadel, so you can play the game directly without needing the rules of the Indomitable Citadel. Spieletreff Oberlar in Germany has published a review on their site.

The Citadel
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Game Designer: Hans van Tol
Graphics: Arenea Kunkeler
Illustrations: Gerda van Gijzel en Hans van Tol