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Masters of Trade

The expansion to the dynamic harbour game Rotterdam, introduces the economy of the harbour. The players seize the opportunity to speculate on the commodity markets, trade in various products and invest in new factories in the harbours. The control board offers new opportunties to the players, since they may choose your actions with 3 of your workers.

Game scores
- Family plus game
- Players: 2-4
- 90 minutes
- 10 years and up
- Strategic * * * *
- Tactics * * * *
- Luck *

Harbour economics
In Masters of Trade, the sequel to the Rotterdam harbour game, the players get the opportunity to play the role of ship owner, captain, deck hand, trader, shipping agent, cashier and manufacturer. New factories process the ever increasing quantities of raw materials. There are great strategic challenges in Masters of Trade as harbour economics come into play: buy products on low prices, use them for your assignments and try to get additional Victory Points. Or stock up your commodities and speculate on price shifts.

Good investment planning is essential, but good trading instinct is crucial to win this game!

Impressions of Masters of Trade
Left picture shows the factories which can be built near the harbour to get extra products when a ship is releaved from it's heavy cargo. In the middle you can see the "control board". Each player gets a number of dockworkers (depending on the number of players), which can be placed on the desired action. And on the right picture you can find the amounts which have to be paid for placing your factory on one of the 4 available spots in the Vuclaanhaven, which processes grain into cookies or bread.

Rules of the Game
Download here the English rules or the German rules of Masters of Trade.

More info
Go to the website of boardgamegeek for more information about this game.

Game Designer: Hans van Tol
Graphics: Yvon-Cheryl Scholten
Illustrations: André Grekhov

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