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Hotel Amsterdam

Hotel Amsterdam

In the board game Hotel Amsterdam you are a hotel owner and you build hotels on top locations. Each day, new tourists come to the city.

Category of game:
- strategic family game
- Players: 2-4
- Duration: 30-45 minutes
- Age: 8 and older
- Strategic *
-Tactics * * * * *
- Luck * * *

Discover Amsterdam!
During the day, the Mayor takes them to museums, mansions and souvenir shops. When the lights in the Red Light District are switched on,  the Nightwatchman shows them the other side of the city. He takes the tourists to traditional bars and coffee shops. Take control of the city and your hotels will be fully booked!

Hi everyone!
There’s so much to see and do here in Amsterdam. You can drink coffee everywhere, because there are loads of coffee shops. And when the lights are switched on in the Red Light District, it’s even more fun!
Oh yes, and I'm taking a fun board game home with me!

Bye!! xxx

ReviewJapanner in Amsterdam
Go to the website of Boardgamegeek for more pictures!

Game designer: Hans van Tol
Illustrations: Roel Seidell
Graphic design: Arenea Kunkeler

In the following shops in Amsterdam the boardgame Hotel Amsterdam is available now:

  • Athenaeum Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 357
  • Het Paard, Schaak en Go winkel, Haarlemmerdijk 173
  • Hoogstins, Kinkerstraat 71
  • Plantage Books and More Van der Plas, Buikslotermeerplein 70
  • Sport en Spel, Ceintuurbaan 59
  • Stadsboekwinkel, Vijzelstraat 32
  • The Gamekeeper, Hartenstraat 14
  • the webshop www.madeinamsterdam.nl

As of June 15, 2009 Hotel Amsterdam will also be available in other Dutch shops! You can find a complete list of dealers here.