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In 2007 The Game Master introduced the first harbour game Rotterdam. This game featured a new game concept with a unique dynamic game flow. In 2010, three years later, a worthy successor will be presented with a new game play: Antwerpen. Antwerpen is a standalone game with some interesting new game mechanisms.

Category of game:
- Familygame
- Players: 2-4
- Duration: 60 minutes
- Age: 8 and up
- Strategic * *
- Tactics * * * * *
- Luck * *

Special locks
The reliable basic game mechanisms of the first harbour game in the series Ports of Europe, Rotterdam, are still in place. On top of that Antwerpen has a few interesting new game elements. We introduce the special locks which form a barrier between the outer and the inner harbour. Getting into the inner docks will be possible when the players collect the cards to open or switch the locks. First bring Cocoa, Potatoes, Toys and Barley to the right harbours. Trading cards is possible to get your missions ready which gives you a bonus in victory points. The players will enjoy all elements of a harbour: loading cargo, navigating your ships, transfer goods in the harbours and process the goods to products for the European market.

Easy game flow
The game play of Antwerpen gives players more control in the game play: choose between placing one of your new ships, navigate the ships or exchange one of your assignments. The game flow of the game is easy to understand, but planning your way to the harbours becomes very important. Special action cards contribute to more dynamics of the game, without sacrificing control. In comparison with the first harbour game Rotterdam, Antwerpen is easier to learn and on top of that it gives the players more control. If a ship arrives in a harbour it brings you the product directly. Also the players can see the products which are being produced in the different harbours. This is not only motivating, but makes it easier to aim at your goals. The excitement will still hold since you are not the only transport tycoon on the river Schelde.

International version in 4 languages
Together with Asmodée Benelux The Game Master introduces a multilingual version of the harbour game Antwerpen. The available languages of the rules are: Flemish, French, English and German.

Introduction movie
Here you can find a short review of Antwerpen!


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Rules of the Game
Download here the Flemish/Dutch rules, of Antwerpen.

Game Designer: Hans van Tol
Graphics: Yvon-Cheryl Scholten
Illustrations: Wim Euverman

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By this link you can download the factsheet that gives you all information about the harbourgame Antwerpen.