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Order the revolutionary new boardgame LEADERS now at The Game Master.

Shipping costs in The Netherlands are EUR 5,99, Belgium EUR 9,99, Germany EUR 12,50 and Austria EUR 14,99.

We can only offer this game as long as we have the games on stock.
IMPORTANT! Since November 14, this is the only available website where you can buy the new boardgame LEADERS!

Buy the expansions, now for EUR 11,99. If ordered with the basic game, no additional shipment costs are calculated.

- Boardgame with App facility
- 2-6 players
- Duration: 120-180 minutes
- 12 years and up
- includes detailed plastic miniatures of tanks, fighters and infantry
- Strategic * *
- Tactics * * * *
- Luck * * *

Place your order
If you want to order this game send us an e-mail. After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation and payment details. Do not forget to mention your name, address and the games you want to order.

Pay the easy way
Payment can be done with Pay Pal or Bank transfer. We will provide you with the information after receiving your e-mail with your order. We reserve your copy of the game for 3 days after you have placed your order.

Impressions at SPIEL'14
During the largest game fair of the world, in Essen, Germany, LEADERS was presented to the audience with much attention of the public.

Expansion sets
Here you can find the 3 expansion sets of Leaders: Cuba, South Africa and Australia. Order the expansiona at The Game Master's for EUR 11,99. Order them now, with specific scenario's. No additional shipments costs are calculated if ordered with the basic game.

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